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The Department of International Relations, University of Karachi is the oldest Department in the field of International Relations in Pakistan. It was established in 1958 and has the honor of offering Bachelor of Studies (BS), Master of Studies (MS), M.Phil and Ph.D. programs. Prior to its formation, the Department was under General History Department and Professor Dr. Mahmud Hussain was its founding Chairman. Prof. Dr. Muhammed Ahsen Chaudhry succeeded Prof. Hussain as the Chairman of the Department. He was followed by Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdul Kadeer, Prof. Dr. Mujtaba Razvi, Prof. Shameem Akhtar, Prof. Dr. Talat A. Wizarat, Prof. Syed Sikander Mehdi, Prof. Dr. Khalida Ghous, Prof. Dr. Moonis Ahmar, Prof. Dr. Shaista Tabassum and Prof. Dr. Mutahir Ahmed. Presently, Dr. Naeem Ahmed is the Chairperson of the Department. The Department has a faculty of six full-time and seven cooperative teachers. Around 2000 students are studying at the undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate levels, both in the Morning and Evening programs.

Since its inception, the Department of International Relations has been active in organizing seminars, conferences and workshops. A number of books have also been published under the Department and several Research Projects funded by national and international think-tanks, policy institutes, and foundations have been completed. The syllabus of the Department has been revised in 2022 and new courses focusing on the conceptual and regional studies have been introduced at the undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate levels.



We are imparting the knowledge of I.R. with our core objectives:

  • To provide extensive theoretical knowledge and conducting in-depth quality research, become trend-setter and top-tier school of international relations in the region;
  • To establish a link between the world of academia, practitioners, and policy makers by providing an input on key local, regional, and global foreign policy, security, environment, sustainable development, conflict, and peace issues;
  • To provide training and nurture critical thinking among students in order to train them for future’s challenging leadership.



Today’s world requires quality human capital to amend relations among nations and help global development, the Department of International Relations trains the students by connecting the quality academic literature with modern I.R. practices and industry; exposing them to the complex global politics, interdependent economic ties, and ever-changing international order.



The department embarks upon promoting professional excellence and knowledge as well as train future scholarship, representing Pakistan and the University of Karachi at national and international level.

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